A.   Except where otherwise provided by the ordinances of the village, any officer of the village possessing police powers may serve or cause to be served a notice, in writing, upon the owner, agent, occupant or person in possession, charge or control of any lot, building or premises or item of personalty in or upon which any nuisance exists, requiring said person to abate the nuisance within a specified reasonable time, in such manner as the notice shall direct.
   B.   If the person so served and notified does not abate the nuisance within the specified reasonable time, the corporate authorities may proceed to abate the nuisance in any or all manner allowable by law, including, without limiting the generality thereof, the following:
      1.   Seeking to impose a monetary penalty as defined by section 5-1-10 of this chapter by instituting an ordinance enforcement action.
      2.   Seeking to enjoin the continuation of the nuisance by the filing of a lawsuit in a court of competent jurisdiction. (Ord. 504, 6-19-2006)