Specifically, but not in limitation thereof, the following constitute public nuisances:
   A.   Any well, cistern, hole, pit, pool or similar structure, or abandoned excavation or shaft that is open and easily accessible to children or passersby and/or of sufficient depth or steepness to endanger their safety, or any undrained and abandoned excavation or pool.
   B.   Any open burning contrary to the regulations of the Illinois pollution control board.
   C.   Accumulations of decayed animal or vegetable matter, trash, rubbish, concrete, bricks, branches, brush, tires, rotting lumber, bedding, packing material, scrap metal, or any material which may harbor flies, mosquitoes, disease carrying insects, rats or other vermin, or which constitutes a fire hazard.
   D.   To obstruct or pollute any watercourse, water supply of the village or any drainage ditch.
   E.   To permit or maintain a stagnant pool of water which may attract mosquitoes or other disease carrying insects.
   F.   To cause or permit the emission of dense smoke from any fire, chimney, engine or other fuel consuming device so as to cause annoyance or discomfort to residents. (Ord. 504, 6-19-2006)
   G.   To use any premises in the village for the storing or leaving of worn out, inoperable, or abandoned camping trailers, trailers, wagons, or machinery or inoperable or unused appliances of any kind, or any parts thereof. (Ord. 527, 5-19-2008)
   H.   To own, maintain or keep a dwelling unit unfit for human habitation, or own, maintain or keep a structure or dwelling which is dangerous or detrimental to life, safety or health because of lack of repair, defects in the plumbing system, lighting or ventilation, the existence of contagious diseases or unsanitary conditions likely to cause sickness among persons residing in such premises or residing in proximity thereof.
   I.   Any nuisance so defined by Illinois Compiled Statutes 1 . (Ord. 504, 6-19-2006)



1. 720 ILCS 5/47-5.