(A)   The owner or owners of any tract of land comprising an area of not less than ten acres located in the S, A, B, C or R-I Districts may submit to the Board of Zoning Appeals a plan for the use and development of the land, primarily for residential purposes. The proposed development plans shall be submitted to the town’s Plan Commission for examination, study and report and for a public hearing.
   (B)   If the town’s Plan Commission approves the development plan, the plan, together with the recommendations of the town’s Plan Commission, shall be embodied in a report to the Board of Zoning Appeals, stating the reasons for the approval of the plan and application and specific evidence and facts showing that the proposed residential development plan has considered and made provision for the following essential elements:
      (1)   The appropriate use of property adjacent to the area included in the plan will be fully safeguarded;
      (2)   The plan is consistent with the intent of this chapter to promote public health, safety and the general welfare;
      (3)   The buildings shall be used primarily for single-family dwellings, apartments or group houses and the usual accessory uses such as garages, storage space and community activities; and
      (4)   The area of the tract, excluding street area, but including the area to be devoted to parks, parkways and other open spaces, will provide the minimum lot area per family, counting all families to be housed under the unit development plan, which is required for the most intensive use normally permitted in the district in which the development is to be located.
(Prior Code, § 154.135)  (Ord. 1-1957, passed 5-27-1957)