(A)   The applicant for a shopping center as an SC Shopping Center District shall prepare and submit a preliminary development plan and supporting data for review and tentative approval of the town’s Plan Commission, upon which plan the Commission will hold a public hearing. Upon approval of the preliminary development plan, the applicant shall, within a period of six months, prepare and submit a final development plan for approval of the town’s Plan Commission which shall incorporate any changes or alterations requested by the Commission.
   (B)   In the exercise of its approval, the town’s Plan Commission may impose those conditions regarding the location, character and other features of the proposed shopping center as it may deem advisable and shall give due regard to the following factors, as they will apply to the particular situation:
      (1)   The location, size and use of all buildings and structures; the nature and intensity of the operations involved in or conducted in connection with the shopping center; its site layout, including the location, size, arrangement and capacity of all areas to be used for vehicular access, parking, loading and unloading and its relation to streets giving access to it so that vehicular traffic to and from the center will not create undue hazards to the normal traffic of the vicinity; and
      (2)   The location, size and arrangement of areas to be devoted to planting lawns, trees and other purposes so that it will be harmonious with the neighborhood in which it is situated.
   (C)   In the event the applicant receiving the approval of the shopping center development plan for a designated location does not proceed with its construction as set forth in § 154.164 of this chapter, the town’s Plan Commission may require the applicant to show cause why the approval should not be revoked. This action may be taken by the town’s Plan Commission upon its own initiative or at the request of another interested party. If the town’s Plan Commission determines, following a public hearing, that the best interests of the community will not be served by the applicant continuing to hold the approval, it may revoke the approval and may, thereafter, grant an approval for another shopping center development within the designated location area. This approval shall be subject to the same considerations.
(Prior Code, § 154.120)  (Ord. 1-1957, passed 5-27-1957)