(A)   Rear yard. One-half of an alley abutting the rear lot may be included in the required rear yard.
   (B)   Front yard. The following provisions shall apply.
      (1)   Where 25% or more of the lots in a block are occupied by buildings, the average setback of the buildings determines the dimension of the front yard in the block. However, the maximum front yard need not exceed 40 feet in the S, A or B Districts, 25 feet in C districts or 15 feet in other districts.
      (2)   Front yard or setback lines established in a recorded subdivision establish the dimension of front yards in the blocks, except when the setback lines may be less restrictive as provided in § 154.003 of this chapter.
      (3)   On lots extending through from one street to another, a front yard is required on each street.
   (C)   Tapered yard. Where a reversed interior lot abuts a corner lot, or on an alley separating such lots, any accessory building located on the rear lot line of a corner lot shall set back from the side street as far as the dwelling on the reversed interior lot. For each foot that the accessory building is placed from the rear line towards the front line of the corner lot, the accessory building may be set four inches closer to the side street line, but in no case closer than five feet.
(Prior Code, § 154.049)  (Ord. 1-1957, passed 5-27-1957)