(A)   In determining the boundaries of districts, and establishing the regulations applicable to each district, due and careful consideration has been given to existing conditions, the character of buildings erected in each district, the most desirable use for which the land in each district may be adapted and the conservation of property values throughout the town.
   (B)   Where uncertainty exists as to the exact boundaries of any district as shown on the zone maps, the following rules shall apply.
      (1)   In unsubdivided areas, or where a district boundary subdivides a lot, the exact location of the boundary shall be determined by use of the scale of the zone maps.
      (2)   In the case of further uncertainty, the Board of Zoning Appeals shall interpret the intent of the zone maps as to the location of the boundary in question.
(Prior Code, § 154.007)  (Ord. 1-1957, passed 5-27-1957)