(A)   Occupancy requirement. Prior to the occupancy of any manufactured or mobile home, the homeowner or authorized representative shall secure from the Town Plan Commission’s designated administrator a certificate of occupancy, stating that the building and its use comply with all provisions of the ordinance applicable to the building or the use in the district in which it is to be located.
   (B)   Issuance of certificate. After submission of an application for a certificate of occupancy, the Plan Commission’s designated administrator shall inspect the property and make such referrals to other local officials for technical determinations, as he or she deems appropriate, for conformance with conditions of the improvement location permit and the standards set in this chapter. If the applicant has conformed with all of the required conditions and standards, a certificate of occupancy shall be issued within three days.
   (C)   Temporary certificate. If, after submission of the application for a certificate of occupancy and the examination by the Plan Commission’s designated administrator, it is found that the applicant has not fully met the required conditions and standards, a temporary certificate of occupancy, along with a written statement of necessary modifications, may be issued for a period not to exceed two months, pending completion of the modifications.
   (D)   Denial of certificate. If any of the major conditions or standards have not been complied with, the certificate of occupancy shall be denied, with a written statement specifying the reasons for the denial.
(Prior Code, § 151.31)  (Ord. 1982-4, passed 4-6-1982)