(A)   The following order of business shall be observed by the Council at its meetings:
      (1)   Calling the roll and noting absentees;
      (2)   Reading and correcting the journal of the last preceding regular or special meeting;
      (3)   Reports from the various committees and the heads of departments;
      (4)   Introduction of miscellaneous business;
      (5)   Introduction of ordinances;
      (6)   Ordinances on second reading;
      (7)   Ordinances on third reading;
      (8)   Unfinished business; and
      (9)   Order of the day.
   (B)   The reading of the journal may be dispensed with at any time by order of the Council. The Council may return to any order of business after the call of the regular order of business.
(Prior Code, § 30.18)  (Ord. 5-1957, passed - -1957; Ord. 1-1958, passed 5-7-1958)