(A)   A person or corporation desiring tentative approval of a plat of a subdivision of any land lying within the jurisdiction of the town’s Plan Commission shall submit a written application therefor to the Commission. The application shall be accompanied by the following information and plans:
      (1)   A location map showing the following information (the location map need not be a special drawing. The data may be shown by notations on available maps):
         (a)   Subdivision name and location;
         (b)   Major thoroughfares related to the subdivision;
         (c)   Public transportation lines;
         (d)   Main shopping center;
         (e)   Community or neighborhood stores;
         (f)   Elementary and high schools;
         (g)   Parks and playgrounds;
         (h)   Other community features; and
         (i)   Title, scale, north point and date.
      (2)   A site map showing the following information. This information may be submitted as one or two maps or plans:
         (a)   Topographical data in one of the following forms, which shall be determined by the Commission during preliminary consideration of the plan:
            1.   A contour map with contours at vertical intervals of two feet if the general slope of the site is less than 10%, and at vertical intervals of five feet if the general slope is greater than 10%; and
            2.   A land inspection sketch showing terrain features, wooded areas, buildings and other natural or artificial features which would affect the plan of the subdivision.
         (b)   Tract boundary lines, showing dimensions, bearings, angles and references to section, township and range lines or corners;
         (c)   Streets and rights- of-way, on or adjoining the site, including dedicated widths, roadway widths, approximate gradients, types and widths of pavements, curbs, sidewalks, tree planting and other pertinent data;
         (d)   Locations, widths and purposes of easements;
         (e)   Utilities, including sanitary and storm sewers, other drainage facilities, water lines, gas mains, electric utilities and other facilities. Size or capacity of each should be shown and the locations of, or distance to each existing utility should be indicated;
         (f)   Zoning of the site and adjoining property;
         (g)   Existing or proposed platting of adjacent land;
         (h)   Other features or conditions which would affect the subdivision favorably or adversely; and
         (i)   Title, scale, north point and date.
      (3)   A tentative plan of the subdivision, drawn to scale of 50 feet to one inch or 100 feet to one inch. Hour and one-half, however, if the resulting drawing would be over 36 inches in shortest dimension, a scale as recommended by the Commission may be used. The tentative plan shall show the following. This information may be submitted as one or two maps or plans:
         (a)   Proposed name of the subdivision;
         (b)   Names and addresses of the owner and subdivider, and the city planner, land planning consultant, engineer or surveyor who prepared the plan;
         (c)   Street pattern, showing the names (which shall not duplicate other names of streets in the community) and widths of rights-of-way of streets, and widths of crosswalks, easements or alleys;
         (d)   Layout of lots, showing dimensions and numbers;
         (e)   Parcels of land proposed to be dedicated or reserved for schools, parks, playgrounds or other public, semi-public or community purposes;
         (f)   Building setback or front yard lines;
         (g)   Key, plan, legend and notes; and
         (h)   Scale, north point and date.
      (4)   Information as to any agreements which have been entered into with the owners of other property within the neighborhood in which the proposed subdivision is located, as to general plans for the entire neighborhood. Reference should be made to the master plan for suggestions as to the general street pattern and design of the neighborhood. Wherever possible, all of the property owners within the neighborhood should endeavor to agree upon a general plan for its development, in order that each subdivision may be designed as an integral part of a well-considered overall plan.
   (B)   The application shall be accompanied by a certified check or money order in the amount of $10, plus $0.25 for each lot in the proposed subdivision, with a minimum total charge of $15 to cover the cost of checking and verifying the proposed plat. This amount shall be deposited in the General Fund.
(Prior Code, § 153.11)  (Ord. 2-1957, passed - -)