The flag and seal as hereinafter described are hereby proclaimed the official flag and seal of the City.
   (a)   Seal. The seal shall be a circle with the words “Progress” and “Stability” at the top in the border and “City of Centerville, Ohio” at the bottom in the border. Within the border there shall be a colonial frame which shall frame four stars at each corner with a large star in the center signifying the fact that Centerville is located at the center of an area bounded by Dayton, Miamisburg, Ridgeville and Springboro. At the bottom of the stars shall appear the words “Founded 1796".
   (b)   Flag. The flag sh all be a rectangle and divided in the middle vertically. The half of the flag nearest the staff shall be white with the seal of the City superimposed in the middle. The opposite half of the flag shall be horizon blue.
(Ord. 63-72. Passed 10-16-72.)