Electrical, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and plumbing registrations may be revoked by the Chief Building Official or his or her authorized representative for failure of the registrant to obtain proper permits, for failure to obtain proper inspections or for failure to comply with any lawfully issued order.  Appeals of any revocation order may be made by the registrant upon a proper form supplied by the Building Inspection Department within ten days from the date of the order of revocation, and the appeal shall be to the City Manager, who shall review all information relating to the revocation as may be supplied by the Building Inspection Department, the registrant or any other interested person.  The decision of the City Manager shall be final.
(Ord. 20-93.  Passed 9-20-93; Ord. 15-04.  Passed 11-15-04; Ord. 16-04.  Passed 12-20-04; Ord. 14-10.  Passed 11-15-10.)