The Director of Finance shall:
   (a)   Keep, in proper books, a full and accurate record of all monies received and disbursed on behalf of the City and of all monies due to and from the City upon contracts and orders for which the City is obligated;
   (b)   Receive and have custody of all monies paid to the City and disburse all City monies in accordance with the City Charter and City ordinances, signing all warrants upon the City Treasury in making such disbursements;
   (c)   Render a report to the Manager reflecting the financial condition of the City, showing monthly receipts, outstanding balances of all funds and such other information as the Manager may require;
   (d)   Certify that funds are available, according to law, to pay monies provided by all contracts, agreements or other obligations for the expenditure of City funds.  No such contract, agreement or other obligation shall be valid until so certified.
   (e)   Make payment of the interest and principal on the bonded debt when due, and keep accurate records of said debt and of payments thereon;
   (f)   Prepare City payrolls;
   (g)   Administer all employee pension and benefit funds, receive such funds, act as custodian thereof and make disbursements therefrom, signing warrants and checks for such purposes, according to law;
   (h)   Enter into contracts with legal depositories for the deposit of all funds of the City, rent safety deposit boxes or otherwise provide for the safekeeping of securities and other documents and maintain custody of all documents evidencing investments by the City and of pension and benefit funds of City employees;
   (i)   Prepare and submit such reports as may be required by law;
   (j)   Assist the Manager in the preparation of the annual budget and Capital Improvement Program; and
   (k)   Act as the Purchasing Agent for the City and, as directed by the Manager, make all purchases required by the various departments and sell unused, worn out, surplus or obsolete equipment and materials owned by the City.
(Ord. 41-76.  Passed 8-16-76.)