(a)   Fees for Reinspection.  Permit fees provide for customary inspections only.  Where additional inspections or trips are made necessary because of incomplete or faulty work, an incorrect address given, failure of the owner or agent to keep an appointment or similar reasons, no fee shall be charged for the first reinspection, but a fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) shall be charged for each additional reinspection or extra trip.  This fee shall be paid by the holder of the permit before a reinspection is made.  It is not the intent of this subsection to penalize others for the shortcomings of the constructor or installer.
   (b)   Fees for Commencing Work Prior to Permit Issuance.  Where a permit is required for a particular type of work, and such type of work is commenced on a project before a permit has been obtained therefor, the Chief Building Official shall take necessary steps to determine whether work performed prior to the date of permit issuance and inspection conforms to this Building Code.  The fee for making such necessary investigations prior to the issuance of a permit shall be equal to the fee for the permit and shall be in addition thereto, but in no event shall the fee for investigation prior to the issuance of a permit exceed two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00).  The payment of the aforesaid fees shall not relieve any person from fully complying with the requirements of this Building Code in the execution of the work nor from any penalty prescribed in this Building Code. 
   (c)   Fees for Work Not Specifically Provided.  The amount of fees for permits for regulated construction, appliances, equipment or devices, where fees are not specifically provided, shall be assigned by the Chief Building Official to that classification which he or she considers most reasonable and appropriate.
   (d)   Fees for Changes and Additions to Plans and Specifications.  Nothing shall prohibit the filing of changes and/or additions to plans and specifications at any time before the completion of work for which a permit has been granted, provided that such changes and/or additions are in compliance with these Codified Ordinances.  Such changes and/or additions, after approval, shall be made a part of the plans and specifications and filed as such.  If such changes and/or additions to the plans involve an increase in the cost of the work to be done, a fee shall be paid which will make the total fee the same as if figured for one permit. However, no refund of fee will be made if such changes involve a decrease in the cost of the work to be performed.
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