(a)   Pursuant to Section 5.06 of the City Charter, that certain code known as the National Electric Code, 2017 Edition (cited as NFPA-70-2017) as published by the National Fire Protection Association save and except such portions as may be hereinafter deleted or amended, is hereby adopted by and for the City for the purpose of regulating the installation and maintenance of electrical systems and appliances in the City and is hereafter referred to as the National Electric Code.
(Ord. 5-99.  Passed 4-19-99; Ord. 1-02.  Passed 2-18-02; Ord. 13-04.  Passed 12-20-04; Ord. 06-15.  Passed 5-18-15; Ord. 07-15.  Passed 6-15-15; Ord. 01-16.  Passed 1-25-16; Ord. 02-16.  Passed 2-15-16.)
   (b)   The Clerk of Council shall keep a complete copy of such Code on file for inspection by the public and shall also have copies available for distribution to the public, at cost.  In addition, a complete copy of such Code shall be on file in the Washington- Centerville Public Library.
(Ord. 13-10.  Passed 11-15-10; Ord. 20-11.  Passed 11-21-11; Ord. 21-11.  Passed 12-19-11; Ord. 26-17.  Passed 11-20-17.)