Ohio Building Code
   EDITOR'S NOTE:  Resolution 25-85, passed September 16, 1985, authorized and directed the Manager to execute agreements with various political subdivisions of the County authorizing the Dayton Board of Building Appeals to hear and decide appeals from adjudication orders pertaining to the enforcement of the Ohio Building Code.  Copies of such Resolution and agreements may be obtained, at cost, from the Clerk of Council.
1420.01   Current edition adopted.
1420.02   Purpose.
1420.03   Application.
1420.04   Compliance; violations.
1420.05   Enforcement.
1420.06   File and distribution copies.
1420.07   Conflicts of laws.
1420.08   Inspection of pumps, site lighting, ground signs, traffic signals and remote meters for communications equipment.
1420.99   Penalty.
   See section histories for similar State law
   Removal of unsafe structures - see Ohio R.C. 715.26(B), 715.261
   Power to enact further and additional regulations - see Ohio R.C. 3781.01
   Enforcement - see Ohio R.C. 3781.03, 3781.031, 3781.10(E), 3781.102, 3781.19
   Final jurisdiction - see Ohio R.C. 3781.04
   Application - see Ohio R.C. 3781.06, 3781.061, 3781.10(A), 3781.11(A)
   Dead-bolt locks in apartment buildings - see Ohio R.C. 3781.103
   Smoke detection system for apartments and condominiums - see Ohio R.C. 3781.104
   Use of public buildings by handicapped persons - see Ohio R.C. 3781.111
   Energy conservation - see Ohio R.C. 3781.181
   Submission of plans - see Ohio R.C. 3791.04
   Abandoned service stations - see Ohio R.C. 3791.11 et seq.
   Safety standards for refuse containers - see Ohio R.C. 3791.21
   Floodproofing standards - see B. & H. 1462.16