(a)   Payment of Fees. The applicant requesting a permit, inspection or certificate shall pay the full fee for said permit, inspection or certificate at the time the application is made. Any application received without the associated fee is considered to be incomplete and will not be processed.
   (b)   Fees Charged. Fees charged shall be in accordance with Table 1: City of Centerville Unified Development Ordinance Schedule of Fees in this chapter.
   (c)   Zoning Certificate Fees. Fees charged for a Development Plan, Overlay District Plan, Major Site Plan or Minor Site Plan shall include all Zoning Certificate components of the plan, such as, but not limited to, Engineering Review, Landscaping Plan, Lighting Plan or Signage. Separate fees shall not be charged for any individual component of a larger Zoning Certificate.
   (d)   Fees Charged Not Refundable. A fee received under this chapter is non- refundable if any of the following has occurred, unless the City Manager or appointed designee agrees to refund the required fee based upon a written request citing unique or unforeseen circumstances, or hardship on the part of the applicant:
      (1)   A Zoning Certificate has been issued;
      (2)   A decision has been rendered for any application under the UDO;
      (3)   An application under the UDO is withdrawn after a public hearing has been set by the City Clerk of Council;
      (4)   An application is withdrawn after a public meeting has been held by the City;
      (5)   An application is withdrawn after the City has expended resources processing the application.
(Ord. 3-09. Passed 6-15-09.)