(a)   The Manager is hereby authorized to adopt a sales incentive plan whereby the Sales and Banquet Coordinator of Yankee Trace Golf Course will receive an amount equal to one-eighteenth of all service charges or gratuities charged after the adoption of this section (Resolution 22-97, passed March 17, 1997).
   (b)   For purposes of this section, the term “banquet” means an event sold from the banquet menu and/or customized menus or meals ordered from the dining room menu and added to a customer's bill.  In order to be considered a banquet sale, an eighteen percent service charge or gratuity must be added to the customer's bill in the ordinary course of business.
   (c)   A record of all service charges or gratuities shall be kept by the Department of Finance.  Payment of the amount due the Sales and Banquet Coordinator (hereinafter: the “incentive bonus”) shall be made by the City based upon Department of Finance records for every ninety-day period commencing with the date of adoption of this section, but payable ninety days after the date for which the incentive bonus is calculated.  In order to be eligible to receive the incentive bonus, the Sales and Banquet Coordinator must be in the employ of the City on the date payment is due.  Payment of the incentive bonus shall be by separate check at the time it is due and normal withholding shall be made, except that there shall be no withholding for the employee's share of the Public Employees Retirement System contribution, nor shall the City make an employer contribution, because said incentive bonus is not eligible for said contributions for the reason that it is not based upon compensation, but on the amount of service charges or gratuities collected.
(Res. 22-97.  Passed 3-17-97.)