1060.01   DEFINITIONS.
   As used in this chapter:
   (a)   “Commercial/industrial customer” means any business, industry, service, profession or multifamily dwelling units with five or more housekeeping units per building.
   (b)   “Householder” means a residential customer, including, but not limited to, a landlord, tenant, lessor, lessee and the person holding legal title to the residence, including his or her spouse.
   (c)   “Residence” means any building or portion thereof occupied or intended to be occupied exclusively for residential purposes, but not including a tent, cabin, trailer, trailer-coach or other temporary or transient structure or facility.
   (d)   “Residential customer” means any housekeeping unit, including units in multifamily dwelling units up to and including four units per building.
   (e)   “Regular residential service” means the pick-up of normal household waste and recycling once per week at the curb, except for those persons granted an exemption pursuant to the rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to Section 1060.06. Service includes special pick-ups on call for household discards over fifty pounds or bulky items and brush pick-up and/or chipping.
(Ord. 24-85. Passed 1-20-86; Ord. 15-22. Passed 7-11-22.)