All ordinances and resolutions, and any statements, orders, proclamations, notices or reports required by law or ordinance, or by the City Charter, to be published, shall be published by posting copies thereof for the required period of time in each case in the following places, which are hereby determined to be three of the most public places in the Municipality:
Centerville Municipal Building
   100 West Spring Valley Road
   Centerville, Ohio
Centerville Public Works Building
   7970 S. Suburban Road
   Centerville, Ohio
Centerville Police Department
   155 West Spring Valley Road
   Centerville, Ohio 45458
   Posting shall be made in a conspicuous place in such buildings and such places shall be readily accessible to all members of the public at reasonable hours.
(Ord. 5-09.  Passed 10-19-09; Ord. 6-09.  Passed 11-16-09; Ord. 09-11.  Passed 5-16-11; Ord. 10-11.  Passed 6-20-11; Ord. 10-18.  Passed 3-19-18.)