All materials to be used for drainage facility construction shall be first approved by the City Engineer, and a plan of construction shall also be first approved by the City Engineer.  Such plan of construction shall set forth the line and grade for the installation or construction, which shall be previously established by the City Engineer upon written application to him or her by the abutting owner seeking to make the installation or construction.  Concurrently with his or her application, the applicant shall pay an application fee of not less than twenty-five dollars ($25.00) or a sum equal to fifty cents ($0.50) per linear foot, not to exceed one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00), for each linear foot of construction, alteration or installation which is required to be done within the public street or highway.  The application fee shall be used to defray engineering expenses incurred by the City Engineer's inspection and/or preparation of maps or drawings relating to the proposed construction and installation within the public way.