(A)   Water supply.
      (1)   Any public or private supply of water for domestic purposes shall meet or exceed standards for water quality of the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.
      (2)   Private wells shall be located, constructed, maintained, and sealed in accordance with or in a more thorough manner than the Water Well Construction Code of the Minnesota Department of Health.
   (B)   Sewage treatment.
      (1)   Any premises used for human occupancy shall be provided with an adequate method of sewage treatment.
      (2)   Publicly owned sewer systems shall be used where available.
      (3)   All private sewage treatment systems shall meet or exceed applicable rules of the Minnesota Department of Health, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, specifically Chapter 7080 for individual sewage treatment systems, and any applicable local government standards.
      (4)   On-site sewage treatment systems shall be set back from the ordinary high water level in accordance with the following table:
Sewage Treatment System Setback Standards
Setback from ordinary high water level (feet)
General development
      (5)   The city contains no known on-site sewer systems. In the event any land is annexed to the city in the future containing parcels served by on-site sewer systems, and depending upon the availability and/or the extension of the municipal sewer lines either by agreement with the owners of the land being annexed or by the enforcement of the city ordinances requiring residents to connect to the city municipal sewer system, a plan shall be developed to connect such properties to the municipal sewer system. In the event it appears from the plan that any such lot will not be connected to the municipal sewer system within 5 years from the date of the annexation, the on-site sewer system upon any such lot shall be inspected. In the event such system is then, or thereafter, polluting or contaminating the groundwater, surface waters, or the public waters, or otherwise constitutes a nuisance, such system shall be brought into compliance with the provisions of this chapter.
(Ord. 2011-06-07A, passed 6-7-2011)