Surface water-oriented commercial uses and industrial, public or semipublic uses in need of access to and the use of public waters may be located on riparian lots upon the following conditions:
   (A)   They shall comply with all other applicable provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   They shall be designed to incorporate topographic and vegetative screening of parking areas and structures.
   (C)   Uses that require the docking or mooring of watercraft shall reasonably concentrate these facilities, design them to avoid obstructions to navigation and be the minimum size necessary to meet the need.
   (D)   Uses that depend on patrons arriving by watercraft may use signs and lighting to convey needed information to the public, provided they comply with the following standards:
      (1)   No advertising signs or supporting facilities for such signs may be placed in or upon public waters. However, signs conveying information or safety messages may be placed in or upon public waters by a public authority or under a permit issued by the County Sheriff.
      (2)   Signs may be placed within the shore impact zone provided they are designed and sized to be the minimum necessary to convey needed information. That information shall be limited to the location and name of the establishment and the general types of goods or services available. The signs shall not contain nonessential information such as product brands or prices.
      (3)   As viewed from the public waters, no sign shall exceed 32 square feet, or shall the top of any sign exceed 10 feet above the ground where it is located.
      (4)   If any sign is illuminated by artificial lights, the lights must be shielded or directed to prevent illumination out across public waters.
      (5)   Other outside lighting may be located within the shore impact zone, or over public waters, if it is used primarily to eliminate potential safety hazards and is shielded or otherwise directed to prevent direct illumination out across public waters. This provision does not preclude the use of navigational or directional lights.
(Ord. 2011-06-07A, passed 6-7-2011)