The harvesting of timber, reforestation, or the conversion of forested use to a non-forested use shall comply with the following standards:
   (A)   Timber harvesting and associated reforestation must be conducted consistent with the provisions of the Minnesota Non-point Source Pollution Assessment Forestry and the provisions of Water Quality in Forest Management “Best Management Practices in Minnesota.”
   (B)   Forest land conversion to another use shall require a conditional use permit which shall:
      (1)   Prohibit the clearing of vegetation in shore impact zones and bluff impact zones;
      (2)   Require an erosion and sediment control plan approved by the soil and water conservation office; and
      (3)   Prohibit or control the use of fertilizer, pesticides, or animal wastes within any shorelands within 1,000 feet from the lake shore to minimize the impact on the shore impact zone or public water.
(Ord. 2011-06-07A, passed 6-7-2011)