(A)   An applicant shall make an application for a planned unit development conditional use permit according to Chapter 196 (Conditional Use Permits) of this title.
   (B)   In addition to the criteria and standards set forth in Chapter 196 (Conditional Use Permits) of this title for the granting of conditional use permits, the following additional findings shall be made before the approval of the approval development plan:
      (1)   The proposed planned unit development is in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan.
      (2)   The uses proposed will not have an undue and adverse impact on the reasonable enjoyment of neighboring property and will not be detrimental to potential surrounding uses.
      (3)   Each phase of the proposed development, as it is proposed to be completed, is of sufficient size, composition, and arrangement that its construction, marketing, and operation are feasible as a complete unit, and that provision and construction of dwelling units and common open space are balanced and coordinated.
      (4)   The planned unit development will not create an excessive burden on parks, schools, streets, and other public facilities and utilities, which serve or are proposed, to serve the area.
      (5)   The proposed total development is designed in such a manner as to form a desirable and unified environment within its own boundaries.
   (C)   The following exhibits and written narratives shall be submitted to the Zoning Administrator by the applicant as a part of the application for a conditional use permit.
      (1)   An explanation of the character of the planned development and the manner in which it has been planned to take advantage of the planned development regulations.
      (2)   A list of the present ownership of all the land included within the planned development and a list of property owners within 500 feet of the outer boundaries of the property as obtained through Chisago County records.
      (3)   A general indication of the expected schedule of development including progressive phasing and time schedule.
      (4)   A map giving the legal description of the property including approximate total acreage and also indicating existing property lines and dimensions, ownership of all parcels, platting, easements, street right-of-ways, utilities, and buildings for the property and for the area 500 feet beyond.
      (5)   Natural features, maps, or maps of the property and area 500 feet beyond showing contour lines at no more than 2-foot intervals, drainage patterns, wetlands, vegetation, soil, and subsoil conditions.
      (6)   A map indicating proposed land uses including housing units and types, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, and open space uses.
      (7)   Full description as to how all necessary governmental services will be provided to the development including sanitary sewers, storm sewers, water systems, streets, and other public utilities.
      (8)   An engineering report presenting results of percolation tests and soil analysis of the site.
      (9)   Any additional information requested by the city staff, the Planning Commission, and City Council that may be required for clarification of the proposed project.
      (10)   Fourteen copies of all required information shall be submitted.
   (D)   The applicant shall also submit a preliminary plat and all the necessary documentation as required under Title XVII (Subdivision Regulations) of this code, of all or that portion of the project to be platted. For purposes of administrative simplification, the public hearings required for the conditional use permit and preliminary plat and potential rezoning of property may be combined into one hearing or may be held concurrently.
(Ord. 2011-06-07A, passed 6-7-2011)