(A)   Upon receiving notice of the probable existence of weeds in violation of this subchapter, a person designated by the City Council shall make an inspection and prepare a written report to the City Council regarding the condition. The City Council, upon concluding that there is a probable belief that this subchapter has been violated, shall forward written notification in the form of a “Destruction Order” to the property owner or the person occupying the property as that information is contained within the records of the City Clerk/Treasurer or any other city agency. The notice shall be served in writing by certified mail. The notice shall provide that within 7 regular business days after the receipt of the notice that the designated violation shall be removed by the property owner or person occupying the property.
   (B)   (1)   All notices are to be in writing and all filings are to be with the City Clerk/Treasurer.
      (2)   Certified mailing to the City Clerk/Treasurer or others is deemed filed on the date of posting to the United States Postal Service.