(A)   Declaration of nuisance. Buildings, fences and other structures that have been so poorly maintained that their physical condition and appearance detract from the surrounding neighborhood are declared to be public nuisances because they (1) are unsightly, (2) decrease adjoining landowners and occupants’ enjoyment of their property and neighborhood, and (3) adversely affect property values and neighborhood patterns.
   (B)   Standards. A building, fence or other structure is a public nuisance if it reasonably fails to comply with the following requirements:
      (1)   No part of any exterior surface may have deterioration, holes, breaks, gaps, loose or rotting boards or timbers.
      (2)   Every exterior surface that has had a surface finish such as paint applied must be maintained to avoid noticeable deterioration of the finish. No wall or other exterior surface may have peeling, cracked, chipped or otherwise deteriorated surface finish on more than 20% of:
         (a)   Any 1 wall or other flat surface; or
         (b)   All door and window moldings, eaves, gutters, and similar projections on any 1 side or surface.
      (3)   No glass, including windows and exterior light fixtures, may be broken or cracked, and no screens may be torn or separated from moldings.
      (4)   Exterior doors and shutters must be hung properly and have an operable mechanism to keep them securely shut or in place.
      (5)   Cornices, moldings, lintels, sills, bay or dormer windows and similar projections must be kept in good repair and free from cracks and defects that make them hazardous or unsightly.
      (6)   Roof surfaces must be tight and have no defects that admit water. All roof drainage systems must be secured and hung properly.
      (7)   Chimneys, antennae, air vents, and other similar projections must be structurally sound and in good repair. These projections must be secured properly, where applicable, to an exterior wall or exterior roof.
      (8)   Foundations must be structurally sound and in good repair.