For the purposes of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ABANDONED MOTOR VEHICLES. A motor vehicle shall be deemed to have been abandoned for the purposes of this subchapter in the following circumstances:
      (1)   It has been left upon a street or highway in violation of a statute or ordinance governing parking for a continuos period of 24 hours;
      (2)   It is left on other property owned or under the control of the city, or on any street or highway, for a continuos period of not less than 48 hours; or
      (3)   It is a derelict, unlicensed vehicle that has been left on private property for not less than 30 days.
   DERELICT VEHICLE. A motor vehicle shall be deemed derelict for the purposes of this subchapter if the vehicle is inoperable, partially or wholly dismantled, wrecked, junked, or of similar condition.
   JUNKED MOTOR VEHICLE. Any motor vehicle not otherwise prohibited by this subchapter which is retained for the purpose of salvage, dismantling, sale of parts or any other use where its mobility as a motor vehicle is not necessary.  Any motor vehicle which remains unmoved for a continuous period of 30 days shall be deemed a JUNKED MOTOR VEHICLE except as otherwise provided in this subchapter.
   MOTOR VEHICLE. Every vehicle which is self-propelled excepting vehicles moved solely by human power.
   OCCUPANT. Any person or legal entity owning or otherwise having control over any real property within the city.  For any real property which is vacant or otherwise not under the constant and obvious control of any person or legal entity, the occupant shall be the person or legal entity named as the owner of the real property on the records of the County Treasurer.  In the event the records of the County Treasurer cite more than 1 person and/or entity as owner of the real property, any or all of the person or entities cited shall be deemed the occupant in the absence of written evidence or documents verifying a lack of control.
   VITAL COMPONENT PARTS.  Those parts of a motor vehicle that are essential to the mechanical functioning of the vehicle including but not limited to the motor, drive train and wheels and all components thereof.
(Prior Code, § 404.01)