§ 90.15  MAPPING DATA.
   (A)   Information required. Each permittee shall provide mapping information required by the city in accordance with Minnesota Rules 7819.4000 and 7819.4100.
   (B)   Service laterals. All permits issued for the installation or repair of service laterals, other than minor repairs as defined in Minnesota Rules 7560.0150 subpart 2, shall require the permittee's use of appropriate means of establishing the horizontal locations of installed service laterals, and the service lateral vertical locations in those cases where the city reasonably requires it. Permittees or their subcontractors shall submit to the city evidence of the installed service lateral locations. Compliance with this division (B) and with applicable Gopher State One Call law and Minnesota Rules governing service laterals install after December 31, 2005, shall be a condition of any city approval necessary for: 1) payments to contractors working on a public improvement project including those under M.S. Chapter 429; and 2) city approval of performance under development agreements, or other subdivision or site plan approval under M.S. Chapter 462. The city shall reasonably determine the appropriate method of providing such information. Failure to provide prompt and accurate information on the service laterals installed may result in the revocation of the permit issued for the work or for future permits to the offending permittee or its subcontractors.
(Ord. 2011-07-05A, passed 7-5-2011)