§ 90.06  PERMIT FEES.
   (A)   Excavation and driveway access permit fees. The city shall establish an excavation and driveway access permit fee in amounts set forth in the current city fee schedule sufficient to recover the following costs:
      (1)   The city management costs;
      (2)   Degradation costs, if applicable.
   (B)   Obstruction permit fee. The city shall establish the obstruction permit fee as set forth in the current city fee schedule and shall be in an amount sufficient to recover the city management costs.
   (C)   Payment of permit fees. No excavation permit or obstruction permit, or driveway access permit, shall be issued without payment of excavation or obstruction permit or driveway access fees. The city may allow applicant to pay such fees within 30 days of billing.
   (D)   Nonrefundable. Permit fees that were paid for a permit that the city has revoked for a breach as stated in § 90.14 are not refundable.
   (E)   Application to franchises. Unless otherwise agreed to in a franchise, management costs may be charged separately from and in addition to the franchise fees imposed on a right-of-way user in the franchise.
   (F)   All permit fees shall be established consistent with the provisions of Minnesota Rule 7819.100.
(Ord. 2011-07-05A, passed 7-5-2011)