(A)    As used in this section, "claim" means a claim for an amount payable to the Municipality that arises pursuant to the Municipality’s  income tax imposed in accordance with this chapter.
   (B)    Nothing in this chapter prohibits a Tax Administrator from doing either of the following if such action is in the best interests of the municipal corporation:
      (1)    Compromise a claim;
      (2)    Extend for a reasonable period the time for payment of a claim by agreeing to accept monthly or other periodic payments.
   (C)    The Tax Administrator's rejection of a compromise or payment-over-time agreement proposed by a person with respect to a claim shall not be appealable.
   (D)    A compromise or payment-over-time agreement with respect to a claim shall be binding upon and shall be to the benefit of only the parties to the compromise or agreement, and shall not eliminate or otherwise affect the liability of any other person.
   (E)    A compromise or payment-over-time agreement with respect to a claim shall be void if the taxpayer defaults under the compromise or agreement or if the compromise or agreement was obtained by fraud or by misrepresentation of a material fact. Any amount that was due before the compromise or agreement and that is unpaid shall remain due, and any penalties or interest that would have accrued in the absence of the compromise or agreement shall continue to accrue and be due. The Tax Administrator shall have sole discretion to determine whether or not penalty, interest, charges or applicable fees will be assessed through the duration of any compromise or payment-over-time agreement.
   (F)   The Tax Administrator may require that the taxpayer provide detailed financial documentation and information in order to determine whether or not a payment-over-time agreement will be authorized.  The taxpayer’s failure to provide the necessary and required information by the Tax Administrator shall preclude consideration of a payment-over-time agreement.  (Ord. 2015-07.  Passed 12-28-15.)