1501.12 CONFLICT.
   (a)    The provisions of the Ohio Fire Code shall not be deemed to nullify any provisions of state or federal law. Municipal corporations, under Ohio R.C. 3781.01, may make further and additional regulations, not in conflict with Ohio R.C. Chapters 3781 and 3791 or with the rules of the Ohio Board of Building Standards. However, under Ohio R.C. 3781.12, approval by the Board of Building Standards of any fixture, device, material, system, assembly or product of a manufacturing process, or method or manner of construction or installation shall constitute approval for their use anywhere in Ohio.
   As provided in Ohio R.C. 3781.11(b), the rules of the Board of Building Standards shall supersede and govern any order, standard, or rule of the Division of Fire Marshal or Industrial Compliance in the Department of Commerce, and the Department of Health and of counties and townships, in all cases where such orders, standards or rules are in conflict with the rules of the Board of Building Standards, except that rules adopted and orders issued by the Fire Marshal pursuant to Ohio R.C. Chapter 3743 prevail in the event of a conflict.
   The rules of the Board of Building Standards adopted pursuant to Ohio R.C. 3781.10 and known as the “Ohio Building Code” (OBC) shall govern any rule or standards adopted by the Board pursuant to Ohio R.C. 4104.02 and 4105.011.
(OAC 4101:1-1(102.2))
   (b)   In all other cases of conflict between the Ohio Fire Code and any other Municipal ordinance or technical code adopted thereby, the more restrictive provision shall govern.