No person shall change any use of land, locate, erect, construct, reconstruct, enlarge or structurally alter any building or structure within the Village without first obtaining a Zoning Permit. No Zoning Permit shall be issued unless the plans for the proposed building or structure or use of land fully comply with the provisions of this Regulation, unless the Zoning Inspector receives a written order from the Board of Zoning Appeals deciding an appeal, a variance, or conditional use. A Zoning Permit shall be required for all dwellings, all principal structures and uses, all accessory structures unless otherwise specified, all specified accessory uses, and all temporary uses.
   (a)   Accompanying Information: A written application and site plan for a Zoning Permit shall be submitted to the Zoning Inspector on forms provided by the Zoning Inspector. The following information shall be required:
      (1)   Name, address, and phone number of applicant;
      (2)   Date;
      (3)   The name of the subdivision and the lot number or other information necessary to establish the location of the lot;
      (4)   The actual dimensions of the lot based on actual survey, including square footage and/or acreage, the yard and other open space dimensions thereof, and the location and size of any existing structures thereon;
      (5)   The location on the lot and size of any proposed structure and/or the proposed alteration of any existing structure, indicating dimensions, including building height;
      (6)   The number of proposed dwelling units, and the total residential floor area and the number of bedrooms to be included in each dwelling unit;
      (7)   A permit from the Greene County Health Department or Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for onsite wastewater disposal, where applicable, illustrating the location of primary and secondary leaching field locations;
      (8)   The proposed parking plan and number and location of proposed off-street parking or loading spaces;
      (9)   A plan for screening when applicable;
      (10)   A statement by the applicant attesting to the truth and exactness of all information supplied on the application;
      (11)   A statement that the permit shall expire and shall be revoked if work has not been started and substantially pursued within one (1) year of its issue date;
      (12)   Such other information as may be necessary to determine conformance with this Regulation; and
      (13)   A fee as established by the Village Council.
   (b)   Processing of Permit: Within thirty (30) days after the receipt of an application, the Zoning Inspector shall either approve or disapprove the application in conformance with the provisions of this Regulation. If the application is approved, the Zoning Inspector shall issue a Zoning Permit. One copy of the application shall be returned to the applicant by the Zoning Inspector after he shall have marked such copy either as approved or disapproved and attested to same by his signature on such copy. One copy of the application similarly marked shall be retained by the Zoning Inspector and filed. After the Zoning Inspector issues a Zoning Permit, he shall issue a placard to be posted in a conspicuous place on the property in question, attesting to the fact that the use or alteration is in conformance with the provisions of this Regulation.
In the event an application involves land within three hundred (300) feet of the centerline of a proposed new highway or a highway for which changes are proposed as described in the certification of local officials by the Director of the Ohio Department of Transportation or any land within a radius of five hundred (500) feet from the point of intersection of said centerline with any public road or highway, the Zoning Inspector shall require a third application for a Zoning Permit and send it to the Director of the Ohio Department of Transportation by registered mail for review. If the Director of the Ohio Department of Transportation notifies the Zoning Inspector that he shall proceed to acquire the land needed, then the Zoning Inspector shall refuse to issue the Zoning Permit. If the Director of the Ohio Department of Transportation notifies the Zoning Inspector that acquisition at this time is not in the public interest or upon the expiration of the one hundred twenty (120) day period or any extension thereof agreed upon by the Director of the Ohio Department of Transportation and the property owner, the Zoning Inspector shall, if the application is in conformance with all provisions of this Regulation, issue the Zoning Permit.