(a)   Duties: The Village Zoning Inspector shall be responsible for the following duties:
      (1)   Zoning Permits: The Zoning Inspector shall review all applications for Zoning Permits within the Village and insure they conform to all applicable provisions of this Regulation before issuing a Zoning Permit. A record of all such permits shall be maintained.
      (2)   On-Site Inspections: The Zoning Inspector may periodically conduct on-site inspections to insure that actual construction and/or use conforms to the Zoning Permit;
      (3)   Notify and Order Zoning Violations Corrected: The Zoning Inspector, upon finding that any of the provision of this Regulation are being violated, shall notify, in writing, the person responsible for such violation and order the action necessary to correct such violation.
      (4)   Order Illegal Uses Discontinued: The Zoning Inspector may order discontinuance of illegal uses of land, building or structures,
      (5)   Order Illegal Buildings or Structures Removed: The Zoning Inspector may order removal of illegal buildings or structures or illegal additions or structural alterations.
      (6)   Review of Subdivision Applications: The Zoning Inspector shall review all applicable applications for subdivision plats and lot splits which are submitted to the Planning Commission in order to determine if the plat or lot split conforms to all applicable provisions of this Zoning Regulation.
      (7)   Maintain Official Zoning District Map: The Zoning Inspector may, if so designated by the Village Council, maintain the original official Zoning District Map and at least one copy thereof.
   (b)   Creation, Modification, or Termination: The Village Council may create, modify, or terminate the position of Village Zoning Inspector in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code.