(a)   If any sign is erected or maintained in violation of any of the provisions of this Regulation, the Zoning Inspector shall provide the owner with written notice of such violation, said notice to include a brief statement of the particulars in which this Regulation is violated and the manner in which such violation is to be remedied. If a sign has been registered with the Zoning Inspector, notice to the registered owner or to the person or firm receiving the permit shall be sufficient. If a sign has not been registered and the owner is not known, affixing of a copy of the notice to the sign, sign structure, or building for a period of 10 days shall constitute official notification of the violation.
   (b)   If such violation is not remedied within 30 days after such notice, the owner shall remove the sign and supporting structure immediately.
   (c)   If the sign is not removed by the owner, the Zoning Inspector shall have the right to remove such sign and supporting structure at the expense of the owner thereof and to destroy or otherwise dispose of the sign and supporting structure