1101.01 PURPOSE.
   This is a Zoning Regulation for Cedarville Village, Greene County, Ohio, adopted and amended pursuant to Chapter 713 of the Ohio Revised Code for the following purposes, among others:
   (a)   To promote the health, safety, comfort, and general welfare of the present and future inhabitants of the Village;
   (b)   To protect and promote the orderly development of residential, business, industrial, recreational, and public areas within the Village in accordance with the Village Land Use Plan and Perspectives: A Future Land Use Plan for Greene County, Ohio;
   (c)   To protect the quality of life within the Village through the protection of the total environment, the prevention of nuisances, and the provision of adequate light, air, and convenience of access to property;
   (d)   To achieve such timing, density, and distribution of land development and use as will prevent environmental pollution and the overloading of systems for providing water supply, wastewater disposal, storm drainage, police protection, fire protection, education, and other public services within the Village;
   (e)   To achieve an accessibility, design, and density of land development and use as will secure safety from fire, floods, and other dangers within the Village;
   (f)   To achieve such density, distribution, and design of land development and use as will protect and preserve the design capacity of the streets and roads within the Village and prevent traffic congestion or hazards;
   (g)   To achieve such density, design, and distribution of housing as will protect and enhance residential property and secure adequate housing for every citizen within the Village;
   (h)   To insure the compatibility of land uses which are either adjacent or in close proximity to each other.