A.   Home occupations may be permitted and operated following receipt and approval of an application for such use, subject to, and in compliance with the following conditions:
      1.   Home occupations are listed as a conditional use in the zone.
      2.   The home occupation shall be conducted entirely within the living area of the dwelling or accessory building and shall not be visible from outside of the structure. The home occupation shall not involve the use of any garages, carports, breezeways, or yard space for storage of materials or products.
      3.   The home occupation shall contain no facilities for the display of goods visible from outside the dwelling.
      4.   All residents, visitors, and employees who arrive at the home because of the home occupation shall be legally parked on the lot occupied by the residence or on that part of the street that immediately abuts the lot. All parking must comply with title 5, "Public Safety And Traffic Regulations", of this Code.
      5.   No commercial vehicles shall be located on the premises, except two (2) vehicles (not to exceed 1 ton weighted rating) or trailer (not to exceed 12 feet) that is primarily used in connection with the home occupation. No on street parking of any commercial vehicle or equipment is allowed.
      6.   The home occupation shall be clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling for dwelling purposes and shall not change the character of the building from that of a dwelling. Any structure used as part of the home occupation must have obtained a building permit and received a certificate of occupancy from the Building Department.
      7.   Signs shall also comply with the requirements of the City's sign regulations in section 10-5-26, "Signs", of this Code.
      8.   The home occupation shall occupy an area of not more than twenty five percent (25%) of the combined total living area of the main dwelling and accessory structure.
      9.   Entrance to the home occupation from the outside shall be the same entrance normally used by the residing family; the garage door shall not be used to satisfy this requirement.
      10.   The operation of the home occupation shall not produce any noise, smoke, glare, light, fumes, dust, or similar condition that is readily discernible outside the dwelling or that interferes with the residential use of adjacent properties.
      11.   The home occupation shall not generate traffic between the hours of nine o'clock (9:00) P.M. and seven o'clock (7:00) A.M.
      12.   The physical appearance, traffic or other activities in connection with the home occupation are not contrary to the intent of the zone in which the home occupation is located and do not depreciate surrounding values.
      13.   All preschool, daycare and childcare facilities shall also be required to obtain a City business license. Daycare, preschool or childcare facilities with more than four (4) children (same children) for more than four (4) hours per day shall obtain a license from the State Department of Human Services; and also comply with all lawful requirements for preschool, daycare or childcare facilities in Utah.
      14.   The home occupation shall not have more than two (2) nonresiding employees working at the residence.
      15.   BCI background check (subsection 3-1-7C of this chapter).
      16.   Sales Tax number (subsection 3-1-7D of this chapter). (Ord. 01-08-2019A, 1-8-2019)