Ordinance No. 08-24-2021A
An Ordinance Amending Title 4 Chapter 2, 4A, 4B, and 4C of the Cedar Hills City Code by Amending Related to The Implementation of an Administrative Code Enforcement Program
Whereas, Section 10-9A-501 et seq., Utah Code Annotated, 1953, as amended, grants the authority to municipalities to enact ordinances for the general health, safety and welfare of its residents and citizens; and
Whereas, the administration and elected officials of Cedar Hills are concerned about the property values, condition of property free from trash, weeds, and other items which may cause fires, create health issues, and otherwise create unsanitary and unhealthy conditions; and
Whereas, the adoption of a comprehensive Administrative Code Enforcement Program would give the legal tools for enforcement and compliance with the standards of the city in the event of a property owner’s non-compliance and unwillingness to voluntarily remedy and eliminate the violation; and
Whereas, it is the desire of the Council that the citizens of the city take pride in the community and that the Administrative Code Enforcement Program be administered in such a fashion that voluntary compliance is goal and method of enforcement; and
Whereas, said chapter has been the subject of many other public meetings and council discussions during numerous city council work meetings.
Now, Therefore, Be It Ordained by the Municipal Council of the City of Cedar Hills, Utah as follows:
Section 1
That Title 4, Chapters 2, 4A, 4B and 4C be adopted to read as shown on Exhibit A attached hereto.
Section 2
These provisions shall be effective upon signature of the mayor.
Passed and Approved this 24 th day of August, 2021.
City of Cedar Hills Council
      Denise Andersen, Mayor
   Laura Ellison   Yea    ü   Nay
   Ben Ellsworth   Yea    ü   Nay
Mike Geddes   Yea    ü   Nay
Brian Miller   Yea    ü   Nay
Kelly Smith   Yea    ü   Nay
Colleen A. Mulvey, MMC
City Recorder
Deposited in the office of the City Recorder the 25 th day of August, 2021.
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