A.   Responsibility For Enforcement: The chief building official shall enforce the provisions of this chapter and the codes adopted pursuant hereto.
   B.   Permits Required; Exceptions: It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation, or other entity, to commence or perform any work within the city regulated or controlled by this chapter, or the codes adopted pursuant hereto, except such minor work as is hereinafter excepted therefrom, without first having applied to and been granted a permit to do so by the chief building official or other authorized officer and paying, in advance, all permit and inspection fees; provided, that permits shall not be required for the following minor work activities:
      1.   Building Code: The incidental improvement of any existing structure where the retail cost of the materials used is less than one hundred dollars ($100.00); provided, that this exemption shall not apply where the construction or alteration results in an enlarged structure or includes modification of any essential structural component (i.e., bearing wall, truss, footing, foundation) of the building or structure.
      2.   Plumbing Code: Minor repairs to the existing system located within the owner's property involving the clearance of stoppages, the repair of leaks or the replacement of defective faucets, valves, P-traps and similar elements of the system.
      3.   Electrical Code: Minor repair work such as repairing flush and snap switches, replacing fuses, changing lamp sockets and receptacles, taping bare joints, repairing wiring for appliances and devices operating at less than twenty five (25) volts, and all work done on the property of a city or public utility company.
   C.   Plans And Specifications: No permit shall be issued for any work regulated or controlled in any way by the provisions of this chapter unless the application is accompanied by all plats, plans, drawings, specifications and other information required by the various codes adopted hereby. (Ord. 4-13-94A, 4-13-1994; amd. 2004 Code)
   D.   Recorded Plat Required: No building permit may be issued for any structure not located in a recorded plat. Any building permit issued, whether in error or through misrepresentation, shall be void, regardless of the date of issuance. (Ord. 12-31-77B, 12-31-1977)
   E.   Related Regulations: All work done under any permit issued pursuant to the chapter shall be in full compliance with the planning and zoning regulations, water and sewer regulations, fire code, regulations pertaining to streets and walks, and all other provisions of this code and all conditions of approval of any subdivision or planned development.
   F.   Stop Order: Whenever any work is being done in violation of the provisions of this chapter or of any code adopted hereby, or at variance with the provisions of any permit issued for such work, the chief building official may order all work on the job stopped until such violation or variance is eliminated and any work or installation made in violation of such provisions corrected. Such stop order, if oral, shall be followed by a written stop order within one hour. Such written stop order may be served by the chief building official or any police officer. It shall be unlawful for any person to do or perform any work in violation of such stop order, except as may be necessary to prevent injury or damage to persons or property. Any stop order may be revoked by the chief building official, mayor or city council.
   G.   Interpretation: Whenever, in the codes adopted by this chapter, it is provided that anything must be done to the approval or subject to the direction of the chief building official, or any other officer of the city, such officer shall have only the discretion of determining whether the rules and standards established by ordinance or resolution of the city council have been complied with; and no such provision shall be construed as giving any officer discretionary powers as to what regulations or standards shall be, or power to require conditions not prescribed by ordinance or resolution, or to enforce any provisions in an arbitrary or discriminatory manner. (Ord. 4-13-94A, 4-13-1994)