A.   Appointed: There is hereby created the position of chief building official. The city manager, by and with the consent of the city council, may appoint an individual to serve in the position of chief building official.
   B.   Powers And Duties: The chief building official shall have the following duties and powers:
      1.   To review building permit applications for conformance with the adopted codes and to refuse to issue such permits where plans do not comply. Also, wherever violations occur, to consult with the city attorney and to issue stop orders and citations and/or to give testimony, prepare exhibits, and provide other data that may be needed in the enforcement of said codes.
      2.   To inspect residences where an application has been made for building permits, as directed by the city council.
      3.   To perform such other duties as are from time to time assigned to him by the city council or city manager. (Ord. 4-13-94A, 4-13-1994; amd. 2004 Code)