A.   Administrative Citation: When the zoning administrator determines that a nuisance exists, and is unable to secure voluntary correction pursuant to this chapter, the zoning administrator may issue an administrative citation to the responsible person. The zoning administrator may issue an administrative citation without having attempted to secure voluntary correction as provided in this chapter under the following circumstances:
      1.   When an emergency exists; or
      2.   When the zoning administrator is unable to locate or determine the identity of the responsible person.
   B.   Content Of Administrative Citation: The administrative citation shall include the following:
      1.   The name and last known address of the responsible person; and
      2.   The street address of the nuisance or a description sufficient for identifying the building, structure, premises, or land upon or within which the nuisance is occurring; and
      3.   A description of the nuisance; and
      4.   The required corrective action and date for completion thereof; and
      5.   A notice that the city may abate the nuisance and charge the responsible person for all abatement costs and expenses if the responsible person does not correct the nuisance before the completion date; and
      6.   The time for appealing the administrative citation to the hearing officer and the procedure for filing an appeal; and
      7.   A statement indicating that no monetary fine will be assessed if the zoning administrator approves the completed, required corrective action prior to the completion date; and
      8.   A statement that the city may assess a monetary fine against the responsible person if the correction is not completed by the responsible person and approved by the zoning administrator before the completion date.
   C.   Service Of Administrative Citation: The zoning administrator shall serve the administrative citation upon the responsible person, either personally or by mailing, certified, return receipt requested, a copy of the administrative citation to the responsible person at his/her last known address. If the responsible person cannot after due diligence be personally served and if an address for mailed service cannot after due diligence be ascertained, notice shall be served by posting a copy of the administrative citation conspicuously on the affected property. Proof of service shall be made by a written declaration under penalty of perjury executed by the person effecting the service, declaring the time and date of service, the manner by which the service was made, and if by posting, the facts showing that due diligence was used in attempting to serve the person personally or by mail.
   D.   No Extension: No extension of the time specified in the administrative citation for correction of the nuisance may be granted, except by order of the hearing officer. (Ord. 04-02-2013A, 4-2-2013)