If the zoning administrator finds that a nuisance exists, the zoning administrator shall attempt to have the responsible person abate the nuisance. Although the zoning administrator's first step in correcting or abating the nuisance will always be to obtain voluntary compliance, the zoning administrator may pursue any remedy or combination of remedies available pursuant to this chapter, state law or common law in order to abate the nuisance. Nothing in this section shall be interpreted to prohibit the city from engaging in its standard prosecution practices. Therefore, the city may prosecute violators of city ordinances or state laws without first having to comply with the provisions of this chapter, even though the activity or conduct prosecuted may also constitute a nuisance under this chapter. Nothing in this chapter shall be interpreted to prevent the city from enforcing applicable city ordinances or building codes without first treating the offending conduct, situation or activity as a nuisance pursuant to this chapter. (Ord. 04-02-2013A, 4-2-2013)