4-2-1: PURPOSE:
The purpose of this chapter is to provide a means for the city and individuals to identify nuisances within the city and to provide a means for correcting or abating the nuisances. The city needs the ability to abate nuisances in order to protect the health and safety of the public, to foster neighborhood stability, to preserve the appearance, character and beauty of neighborhoods, to encourage community pride, to preserve the value of property, and to protect the general welfare of the city and its citizens, businesses, and visitors. The provisions of this code shall be liberally construed in order to carry out the abatement of the growth and spread of injurious and noxious weeds, garbage and refuse, public nuisances, and illegal objects and structures. This chapter provides for progressive enforcement measures to abate nuisances; the most aggressive forms of enforcement are generally preserved for the most recalcitrant violators of this chapter. (Ord. 04-02-2013A, 4-2-2013)