A.   City To Remove Recyclables: The city shall provide recyclable collection services to all persons owning and/or occupying any property in the city upon request.
   B.   Collection Containers: The city shall provide the owner and/or occupant of each residence, upon request, with an approved residential/municipal recycling container. The cost for use of said container will be borne by the owner and/or occupant to be included as a part of the city's monthly utility billing. Only recyclables placed in said container will be collected. Additional containers may be obtained at the user's expense.
   C.   Acceptable Recyclables:
      1.   A list of acceptable recyclables will be provided to the owner and/or occupant of each residence. The list will be provided yearly or when there are any changes or additions to the items that can be recycled.
      2.   If recyclables are determined to be unacceptable due to insufficient preparation of materials, a sticker or other form of notification explaining the proper method of preparation of recyclables shall be left at the residence.
      3.   It shall be unlawful to accumulate and/or place in an approved residential/municipal recycling container anything other than acceptable recyclables.
   D.   Time And Place Of Pick Up:
      1.   Collection services shall be biweekly along with and on the same day as MSW collection services. Service may be delayed one day on certain holidays.
      2.   Approved residential/municipal recycling containers shall be made available for collection services no earlier than the evening prior to the day of collection and shall be removed within twenty four (24) hours after collection. See also subsection 4-2-3C5 of this title.
      3.   Approved residential/municipal recycling containers shall be placed within two feet (2') of the blacktop or in the gutter, if curb and gutter is present, and at a location that is readily accessible to the automated collection vehicle. (Ord. 1-17-2012B, 1-17-2012)