For the purposes of this chapter, the following terms, phrases, words, and their derivations shall have the meaning given herein:
AUTOMATED COLLECTION VEHICLE: A vehicle equipped with automatic features designed to empty MSW and recycling containers.
AUTOMATED RESIDENTIAL/MSW CONTAINER: As approved by the city, a container designed specifically for automated collection and equipped with wheels for easy movement by residents and other city users and a permanently attached tightfitting lid.
AUTOMATED RESIDENTIAL/MUNICIPAL RECYCLING CONTAINER: As approved by the city, a container designed specifically for automated collection and equipped with wheels for easy movement by residents and other city users and a permanently attached tightfitting lid.
BULKY WASTE: Waste that is not capable of being stored in the approved containers and cannot be picked up by an automated collection vehicle including items such as appliances, furniture, large tree branches, lawn sod, Christmas trees, etc.
COLLECTION SERVICES: The removal and disposal of MSW and recyclables.
COMMERCIAL USERS: An enterprise, not a residence, such as a business, association, corporation, manufacturer, hotel, motel, resort, church, school, etc.
COMMERCIAL WASTE: Garbage, rubbish, food waste, etc., resulting from the normal activities of commercial uses.
CONSTRUCTION/DEMOLITION WASTE: Waste building materials and rubble resulting from construction, remodeling, repair, or demolition operations on houses, buildings, structures, or pavements.
GARBAGE: The animal and vegetable waste or food packaging refuse resulting from handling, preparing, cooking, or consumption of food.
HAZARDOUS WASTE: Any chemical, compound, mixture, substance, or article that is designated by the United States environmental protection agency and/or the state of Utah department of environmental quality to be "hazardous" as that term is defined by or pursuant to federal, state or local law.
ILLEGAL DISPOSAL: The discharge, deposit, injection, dumping, spilling, leaking, burning, or placing of any waste into or on any land or water.
MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE (MSW): Any garbage, trash, refuse, rubbish, sludge or discarded material, including solid, liquid, semisolid, or contained gaseous material resulting from residential, commercial, and community activities, but does not include solid or dissolved materials in domestic sewage or in irrigation return flows or discharge for which a permit is required under Utah Code Annotated, as amended.
NONPROCESSIBLE WASTE: Goods and material that are not residential/municipal waste and/or recyclables are prohibited by the disposal facility, which may include, but is not limited to, the following items:
   A.   Any loads the majority of which consists of any combustible material.
   B.   Hazardous waste of any kind.
   C.   Any material that when incinerated clearly conducts electricity.
   D.   Explosives, medical or pathological waste, animal or human body parts or remains, any materials the majority of which is liquid, white goods or appliances, construction debris or nonprocessible proportions, large metal objects of any kind, large sealed containers of any kind, motor vehicles or related parts, any item exceeding two feet by two feet by five feet (2' x 2' x 5') in dimensions, wood having a cross section exceeding nine inches (9") or five feet (5') in length, any vehicle containing material that is on fire, "hot load", or drywall.
   E.   Commercial waste, food waste, and bulky waste.
PERSON: An individual, family, trust, firm, joint stock company, corporation (including government corporation), partnership, association, state, municipality, commission or political subdivision of the state, or any interstate body whether organized for profit or not.
RECYCLABLES: Used or waste materials fit to undergo reuse or renewal.
RESIDENTIAL/MUNICIPAL WASTE: Garbage and rubbish produced by or resulting from the normal activities of a residential unit or city properties.
RESIDENTIAL UNIT: An occupied dwelling unit such as a single- family dwelling or a multi-family dwelling of four (4) or less units that is located adjacent to a public street. Each unit of a multi-family dwelling shall be considered a separate residence for purposes of billing. A dwelling unit is not occupied if the persons living therein are absent for over ninety (90) days or are absent for thirty (30) continuous days after notice to the city, whichever period is shorter.
RUBBISH: All waste except garbage and hazardous waste including, but not limited to, ashes, bedding, cardboard, paper, wood, cans, metal, glass, crockery, rubber, plastic, leather, rags, and yard trimmings. (Ord. 1-17-2012B, 1-17-2012)