(A)   All work done in public roads, streets, alleys, ways, or trails shall be done in accordance with the permit and specifications of the town for such installation. The Town Engineer may require, in the public interest, such structures as designated by him or her to properly control traffic, provide access to adjoining property, and maintain other facilities in the area. Installation or construction of hard surface materials, such as concrete, asphalt, bricks or pavers, across designated public trails is prohibited, unless such prohibition is inconsistent with the reserved rights of the property owner.
   (B)   Except for non-permanent signs, any person, corporation, association, or political subdivision doing work under any permit as set forth in this subchapter shall notify the Town Engineer at least one full working day in advance of the time and place the work will begin.
(Ord. O2019-05, passed 1-21-20) Penalty, see § 10.99