§ 91.06 APPEALS.
   (A)   Any person entitled to service under this chapter may appeal from any notice, order, or action by the Building Official within 30 days from the date of the service, or by filing a written appeal with the Building Official setting forth:
      (1)   The names of the appellants.
      (2)   The legal interest of each of the appellants in the land or buildings involved in the notice or order.
      (3)   All facts supporting the contentions of the appellant and the reasons why action should be reversed, modified, or otherwise set aside on the protested order.
      (4)   The signatures of all parties named as appellants and their official mailing addresses.
      (5)   The verification (by declaration under penalty of perjury) of at least one appellant as to the truth of the matters stated in the appeal.
   (B)   Upon receipt of any appeal filed pursuant to this section, the Building Official shall present it to the Town Council and the public hearing shall be held within ten working days after the Town Council is notified.
(`87 Code, Art. 7-11(H))