§ 91.01 NUISANCES.
   (A)   Unsafe conditions. Any unguarded well, cesspool, excavation pit, or hole which by virtue of abandonment, dilapidation, or lack of maintenance is unsafe is hereby declared to be a public nuisance and shall be abated by an appropriate method in accordance with the procedure specified in this chapter.
   (B)   Adoption of Uniform Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings. That certain code entitled Uniform Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings, 1997 Edition, published by the International Conference of Building Officials, is hereby adopted by reference as the "Uniform Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings of the Town of Cave Creek" and made a part of this chapter the same as though said code was specifically set forth in full herein; and three copies of said code shall be filed in the office of the Clerk and be kept available for public use and inspection.
   (C)   Unsanitary conditions. Leaking sewage from broken sewer lines and other similar unsanitary conditions shall be abated within 24 hours by the removal of water service to the building or by other legal means available to the town.
(`87 Code, Art. 7-11(A) through (C)) (Am. Ord. 88-16, passed 8-1-88; Am. Ord. 95-23, passed 1-2-96; Am. Ord. 2000-03, passed 5-15-00) Penalty, see § 10.99
   General offenses; electric fences as nuisances, see § 130.04
   General offenses; excavations, see § 130.02