Pursuant to the memorandum of agreement setting forth the Barren River Regional Board of Ethics, all authority for the establishment of procedures for formation and maintenance of the Barren River Board of Ethics appropriate thereto are delegated; provided:
   (A)   The Board shall comply with all terms and conditions as set forth in KRS 65.003, the Act Establishing a Code of Ethics for Cities;
   (B)   Any hearings or related procedures shall comply with the State Rules of Civil Procedure and the State Rules of Evidence;
   (C)   Any regulations adopted by the Board governing its procedures shall be consistent with the State Open Records Law, being KRS 61.870 through 61.884;
   (D)   The city shall bear its proportionate share of any costs for investigations, hearings, preparation of findings and the issuance of any advisory opinions by the Board; and
   (E)   No member of the Barren River Regional Board of Ethics shall hold a position in any local government or be subject to the terms of this chapter.
(1993 Code, § 2.02.190)  (Ord. 96-08-01, passed - -)