(A)   The cost of such actions by the Codes Enforcement Officer under § 150.54 of this chapter, including the expense of publishing, posting, recording and serving notices and orders, shall be a personal liability of the owner and shall be a lien upon the real property upon which such cost shall have been incurred, with credit being allowed the owner for the proceeds, if any, received from the disposition of materials from any structure removed or demolished. The Codes Enforcement Officer shall file with the County Clerk as an encumbrance an appropriate lien statement for such costs in a form approved by the City Attorney.
   (B)   The cost shall be placed upon the city’s tax books against the property and may be collected, and the liens may be foreclosed in the same manner and with the same penalties and interest as property taxes and tax liens are collected and foreclosed, or by other civil action or process determined by the City Attorney.
(1993 Code, § 15.12.240)  (Ord. 91-07-10(B), passed - -)
Editor’s note:
   The statutory basis for the lien imposed in this section is KRS 381.770.