§ 92.20  GENERALLY.
   (A)   The authority and responsibility for administering this chapter shall be in the chief executive officer of the city.
   (B)   The chief executive officer may delegate any of these functions, duties and powers to employees of the city or to boards of such employees, including functions, duties and powers with respect to investigating, conciliating, hearing, determining, ordering, certifying, reporting or otherwise acting as to any work, business or matter under this chapter. The chief executive officer shall by rule prescribe such rights of appeal from the decisions of his or her hearing examiners to other hearing examiners or to other officers in the city, to boards of officers or to himself or herself, as shall be appropriate and in accordance with law.
   (C)   All executive departments and agencies shall administer their programs and activities relating to housing and urban development in a manner affirmatively to further the purposes of this chapter and shall cooperate with the chief executive officer to further such purposes.
(1993 Code, § 9.04.080)  (Ord. 92-06-01(B), passed - -)